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Love on the Right Course Plot

In Love on the Right Course, Whitney Williams, a talented golfer in her early thirties, finds herself at a crossroads.

A string of disappointing performances on the professional circuit has left her questioning her passion for the game and her ability to compete at the highest level.

The pressure to maintain her pro status and the constant negativity from her caddy have taken a toll on her confidence.

Seeking solace and a chance to regroup, Whitney decides to return to her hometown of Budapest, Hungary.

There, she finds her childhood haven, the family-owned golf course, facing its own challenges.

Her father, John, has retreated into seclusion after the passing of Whitney’s mother two years ago.

The weight of grief and the burden of running the course seem to have aged him considerably.

To add to the family drama, John is contemplating selling the beloved course, a decision that throws Whitney’s futurei nto further uncertainty.

Upon arrival, Whitney is surprised to learn that her father has hired a new golf pro, Daniel.

Daniel’s laid-back and unconventional approach to the game clashes with Whitney’s more regimented style.

Used to a structured training routine and a focus on technical perfection, Whitney finds Daniel’s emphasis on enjoying the game and connecting with the course itself to be unsettling.

Despite their initial friction, Daniel recognizes the raw talent and simmering frustration within Whitney.

He offers to help her rediscover the joy she once felt for golf. As they spend time together on the course, Daniel’s easygoing nature and genuine love for the sport begin to chip away at Whitney’s defensive walls.

He encourages her to focus on the present moment, to trust her instincts, and to find the beauty in the game itself.

Through shared training sessions and heartfelt conversations, Whitney starts to see the game through new eyes.

Daniel’s unorthodox methods prove surprisingly effective. Whitney regains her confidence and rediscovers the rhythm and flow that were once the hallmarks of her game.

As her swing regains its power and grace, a spark ignites between her and Daniel.

Meanwhile, Whitney confronts her father about selling the course. She expresses her attachment to the place and her belief that it can thrive again.

John, touched by his daughter’s passion and seeing a renewed fire in her eyes, reconsiders his decision. He reveals his own lingering grief and admits that letting go of the course felt like letting go of a part of his wife’s memory.

With Whitney’s encouragement and newfound support from Daniel, John decides to keep the course and work alongside his daughter to revitalize it.

They organize a community golf tournament, attracting both seasoned players and enthusiastic newcomers. The course bustles with activity, and the joy of the game fills the air once again.

As Whitney prepares to return to competitive golf, she feels a renewed sense of purpose.

She carries the lessons learned from Daniel with her, not just on the course but also in her heart.

The experience in Budapest has been more than just a chance to refine her swing; it has been a journey of self-discovery and a chance to reconnect with her family and her love for the game.

Additional Info

Year: 2024

Director: Stefan Scaini

Writers: Brittany Bristow, Dustin Keating

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Countries: Canada, Hungary

Language: English

Runtime: 84 minutes

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