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Drive-Away Dolls Plot

Philadelphia in the year 1999. The city throbs with a distinct end-of-millennium energy.

In a dimly lit bar, a man named Santos clutches a mysterious briefcase, his face etched with nervous anticipation.

Outside, fate takes a brutal turn as the bartender follows him into a dark alley, a violent encounter leaving a bloody trail.

Meanwhile, across town, hearts are breaking. Jamie, a free spirit with a restless soul, mourns the end of her relationship with Sukie.

Homeless and heartbroken, she crashes into the life of her friend Marian, a bookish introvert yearning for a change of pace.

When Marian reveals her upcoming solo trip to Tallahassee, Jamie hatches a daring plan—a spontaneous road trip south—a chance for them both to find themselves.

Their journey begins at a drive-away car service, a seemingly innocuous transaction that sets the stage for hilarious chaos.

Unbeknownst to them, Jamie and Marian end up taking the wrong car, one that unknowingly holds a hidden cargo crucial to a trio of bumbling criminals: Arliss, Flint, and Chief.

While Marian, a stickler for rules, yearns for a straight shot at Tallahassee, Jamie has other plans.

A wild child at heart, she yearns for adventure, plotting detours to quirky lesbian bars and charming roadside attractions.

Marian, initially resistant to Jamie’s free-spirited ways, finds herself drawn into the whirlwind, her nose slowly emerging from the pages of Henry James’ classic novel “The Europeans.”

As miles tick by, their unlikely friendship blossoms. Jamie, with her infectious enthusiasm, chips away at Marian’s uptight exterior, encouraging her to embrace spontaneity.

Marian, in turn, offers a grounding presence amidst Jamie’s impulsive nature. Their contrasting personalities create a comedic spark; their bickering is punctuated by moments of genuine connection.

However, their newfound camaraderie is constantly interrupted by the looming threat of Arliss, Flint, and Chief.

The hapless criminals, determined to retrieve their stolen “package,” tail Jamie and Marian across state lines, their comical ineptitude a constant source of amusement.

From botched car chases to hilariously bungled attempts at intimidation, the criminals add a layer of slapstick humor to the narrative.

The journey south takes a dramatic turn when Jamie and Marian’s car suffers a flat tire in the heart of Florida.

Stranded and vulnerable, they encounter a cast of quirky characters along the way, each one adding a unique flavor to their adventure.

Whether it’s a wise-cracking mechanic or a group of nature enthusiasts, these encounters force the women to rely on each other’s strengths, further solidifying their bond.

As they inch closer to Tallahassee, Jamie and Marian find themselves at a crossroads. Their initial motivations for the trip have morphed into something more profound.

Jamie, confronted by the consequences of her past recklessness, starts to embrace responsibility. Marian, inspired by Jamie’s zest for life, discovers a newfound confidence.

Additional Info

Year: 2024

Director: Ethan Coen

Writers: Ethan Coen, Tricia Cooke

Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller

Countries: United States, United Kingdom

Language: English

Runtime: 84 minutes

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