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The Plot

Jessica, a children’s book author, embarks on a new chapter with her husband Max and his two daughters, Taylor, a brooding teenager, and the imaginative Alice.

They move into Jessica’s childhood home, a place shrouded in memories she’d rather keep buried.

Alice, brimming with enthusiasm for their new surroundings, stumbles upon a dusty, forgotten teddy bear in the attic.

She names him Chauncey, and they quickly form an inseparable bond. Alice confides in Chauncey, plays elaborate games, and even throws tantrums when separated from him.

Jessica, initially amused by Alice’s newfound friend, grows concerned as Alice’s behavior takes a disturbing turn.

Alice starts talking to thin air, claiming Chauncey whispers secrets only she can hear.

Sleepwalking episodes and night terrors plague Alice, accompanied by chilling scribbles on the walls depicting a monstrous, spider-like creature.

Unease creeps into Jessica as fragmented childhood memories resurface. She recalls her own imaginary friend, a comforting presence during a lonely childhood.

But these memories hold a dark undercurrent, a feeling of abandonment, and a chilling realization: Chauncey wasn’t imaginary.

Determined to protect Alice and unravel the truth about Chauncey, Jessica delves deeper into the past.

She searches the dusty attic, unearthing old journals and childhood drawings that depict a grotesque, nightmarish version of Chauncey.

It’s clear Chauncey wasn’t a figment of her imagination, but something more sinister.

As Alice’s behavior escalates, jeopardizing her own safety and the family’s delicate balance, Jessica confides in Max.

Skeptical at first, Max witnesses Alice’s erratic behavior and the unsettling changes in the house—flickering lights, disembodied whispers, and objects moving by themselves.

Desperate to save Alice, Jessica confronts Chauncey, only to discover a horrifying truth. Chauncey is no playful teddy bear; he’s a malevolent entity feeding on Alice’s imagination.

The whispers are his manipulation, twisting Alice’s mind and trapping her in a nightmarish world of Chauncey’s creation.

Jessica’s past resurfaces—a childhood incident where she accidentally sealed Chauncey in the attic, abandoning him in a world of darkness.

Fueled by resentment and a twisted sense of betrayal, Chauncey seeks revenge, using Alice as a vessel to escape his confinement.

The film takes a thrilling turn as Jessica realizes the only way to save Alice is to confront her own past mistakes.

With Max’s support, they delve deeper into the secrets of the house, searching for a way to banish Chauncey back to his prison.

They discover a hidden doorway—a portal to a dark, twisted version of Jessica’s childhood memories.

Additional Info

Year: 2024

Director: Jeff Wadlow

Writers: Jeff Wadlow, Greg Erb, Jason Oremland

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Country: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 104 minutes

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