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The Parades Plot

The Parades is a 2024 Japanese film directed by Michihito Fuji that takes viewers on a melancholic yet hopeful exploration of the afterlife.

The story centers around Minako (Masami Nagasawa), an ordinary woman whose life is tragically cut short by a devastating natural disaster—a high-frequency earthquake that unleashes a monstrous tsunami.

Disoriented and confused, Minako awakens not in a hospital but in a strange, ethereal realm. Here, she encounters a community of restless spirits, each bound by unresolved issues and lingering regrets.

There’s Akira (Kentaro Sakaguchi), a young man burdened by past mistakes; Shori (Ryusei Yokohama), a rebellious teenager yearning for connection; and a host of other characters with their own sorrowful stories.

As Minako grapples with the reality of her death and tries to understand this new existence, she learns that this in-between world is not a passive waiting ground.

The spirits, unable to fully move on, find themselves tethered to their earthly attachments. Some wander aimlessly, their forms fading with each passing moment.

Others, like a gruff but kindhearted spirit named Michael (Lily Franky), have found a measure of solace by helping newcomers like Minako adjust.

The narrative unfolds through a series of vignettes, each revealing a fragment of a character’s past life and the unfinished business that keeps them tethered.

We see glimpses of Minako’s fractured relationship with her family, Akira’s impulsive actions with devastating consequences, and Shori’s desperate search for acceptance.

These interwoven stories build a poignant tapestry of human connection, loss, and the yearning for forgiveness.
Amidst the quiet despair, a flicker of hope emerges.

The spirits discover an abandoned film set, remnants of a project left unfinished by a renowned director who also seems trapped in this spectral realm.

Inspired by the director’s passion and the collective desire for closure, the group decides to complete the film.

Working together, they overcome their limitations as spirits, channeling their emotions and experiences into the creative process.

Minako, once an unassuming housewife, finds unexpected strength and purpose as she helps shape the narrative.

Akira confronts his past through acting, and Shori discovers his voice by assisting with the film’s score.

As the film nears completion, the spirits begin to experience a gradual transformation. Their forms solidify, their memories sharpen, and a sense of peace starts to settle in.

They realize that by helping complete the director’s vision, they are not only honoring his artistic legacy but also finding a way to resolve their own internal conflicts.

Additional Info

Year: 2024

Director: Michihito Fujii

Writer: Michihito Fujii

Genre: Drama

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese

Runtime:142 minutes

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