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The Plot

No Way Up is a 2024 survival thriller that throws a group of strangers into a harrowing ordeal when their plane plunges into the vast Pacific Ocean.

What begins as a seemingly ordinary flight quickly transforms into a desperate fight for life.

Ava (Sophie McIntosh), the daughter of the California Governor, is on her way to a carefree getaway in Cabo when disaster strikes.

Ava was accompanied by Brandon (Colm Meaney), her ever-watchful bodyguard. But still, she finds herself trapped in the wreckage alongside a handful of other survivors.

Among them are a stoic engineer, Jack (Will Attenborough), a resourceful doctor, Dr. Hernandez (Manuel Pacific), a cynical businessman, Harris (Jeremias Amoore), and a seasoned traveler, Evelyn (Phyllis Logan).

The crash leaves the plane precariously balanced on the edge of a submerged ravine.

With limited air supply and the constant threat of the plane succumbing to the pressure of the deep, the survivors face a race against time.

Panic and desperation threaten to consume them, but Ava, fueled by a newfound sense of responsibility, emerges as an unlikely leader.

As they grapple with the immediate threat of drowning, a new danger lurks beneath the surface: sharks.

The survivors witness the horrifying reality of their situation when a fellow passenger becomes a meal for the circling predators.

The ever-present threat of these ocean terrors adds another layer of fear and desperation to their struggle.

Jack, utilizing his engineering expertise, takes charge of rationing the remaining air supply. Dr. Hernandez, despite the limited resources, tends to the injured, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos.

Meanwhile, Harris’ cynicism and self-preservation instincts create friction within the group, jeopardizing their fragile sense of unity.

The will to survive is what drove the group to devise a daring plan to escape the watery tomb.

Jack proposes using the plane’s emergency raft and venturing out to search for help.

The plan is fraught with risk, with the vastness of the ocean offering little reassurance of rescue. However, it’s their only shot at survival.

As they face the unknown on the raft, their past lives and vulnerabilities come to the surface. Secrets are revealed, bonds are forged, and sacrifices are made.

Additional Info

Year: 2024

Director: Claudio Fäh

Writers: Andy Mayson

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Runtime: 90 minutes

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