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The Plot

Ana Santos is a bright-eyed intern who hustles in the high-octane world of art auctions. Aspiring to carve her niche in this competitive industry, she toils under the demanding gaze of Claire, her boss.

Living on a shoestring budget and crashing with her sister, Ana’s reality is far from the glamorous facade of the art world she craves.

One fateful day, a twist of fate lands Ana in first class on a business trip. There, she encounters Will, a charming businessman who is instantly smitten by her.

Mistaken for her glamorous boss, Claire, Ana hesitates to correct him. This innocent white lie sets off a whirlwind of unexpected events.

Thrilled by the attention and a taste of the luxurious life Will assumes she leads, Ana goes along with the charade.

Will, who is impressed by her supposed sophistication and knowledge, invites her to exclusive events and introduces her to influential figures in the art world.

Ana, caught in the web of her lie, navigates these encounters with a mix of excitement and trepidation.

As Ana and Will’s connection deepens, so does the complexity of her situation. Juggling her demanding internship and maintaining the facade of a high-powered executive becomes increasingly challenging.

The pressure mounts when Will expresses his admiration for Claire’s (supposed) accomplishments and ambitions, accomplishments that belong to the real Claire, not Ana.

The guilt of deception starts to gnaw at Ana. Meanwhile, at the auction house, her dedication and sharp eye for detail start to gain Claire’s grudging respect. Ana seizes an opportunity to prove her worth by uncovering a crucial mistake in the upcoming auction catalog. This act earns her Claire’s acknowledgment and fuels Ana’s confidence.

However, the luxurious world Will whisked her into comes crashing down when their paths inadvertently cross with Claire.

The truth hangs in the balance, threatening to expose Ana’s elaborate lie and jeopardizing both her budding career and newfound romance.

Forced to confront the consequences of her actions, Ana must choose: does she maintain the charade and risk losing everything, or does she come clean and face the potential judgment of both Will and Claire?

Additional Info

Year: 2024

Director: Carlson Young

Writers: Christine Lenig, Justin Matthews, Luke Spencer Roberts

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Runtime: 104 minutes

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