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The Plot

High atop a mystical mountain, a legendary journey begins. Born from a luminous stone, a mischievous monkey named Sun Wukong disrupts the celestial order with his rambunctious spirit.

The Jade Emperor, ruler of the heavens, seeks to eliminate the little troublemaker, but the wise Buddha intervenes.

Recognizing Sun Wukong’s immense potential, Buddha proposes to let him find his own path.

Descending from the mountain, Sun Wukong joins a troop of monkeys. However, his rebellious nature and insatiable curiosity often land him in hot water.

One impetuous act unleashes a fearsome demon who snatches a young monkey cub. Banished from his troop, Sun Wukong embarks on a quest to become a powerful warrior, determined to protect his kin and prove his worth.

Years of arduous training equip Sun Wukong with incredible martial prowess. He crafts a magical staff, the Ruyi Jingu Bang, capable of transforming into any weapon imaginable.

Confident in his newfound abilities, he confronts the demon, only to discover his strength is insufficient. Devastated, he witnesses another cub being taken.

Sun Wukong is driven by a thirst for immortality, which is why he ventures into the underworld. He believes that by erasing his name from the Scroll of Life and Death, he can cheat fate.

King Yama, the stern ruler of hell, recognizes Sun Wukong as an outsider and engages in a fierce battle. Victorious, Sun Wukong succeeds in removing his name, granting him agelessness but not true immortality.

Undeterred, Sun Wukong steals the Book of Everlasting Life from Yama. It reveals the path to complete immortality: consuming a peach from the legendary Orchard of the West.

Guided by a cunning but ambiguous Dragon King, Sun Wukong and a young human girl named Lin set off on a perilous journey.

Lin, spirited and wise beyond her years, becomes an unlikely companion to the boastful monkey king.

She tempers his arrogance with her grounded perspective, reminding him that true strength lies not just in power but also in compassion and humility.

Their journey is fraught with danger as they encounter formidable opponents and navigate through fantastical landscapes guarded by mythical creatures.

The Dragon King, harboring his own motives, steers them towards a forbidden peach tree. However, the peaches are laced with a potent poison. As Sun Wukong lunges for the fruit, the Monkey King King inadvertently consumes one himself, falling victim to the toxin’s effects.

This unexpected turn foils their plan for immortality but teaches Sun Wukong a valuable lesson about patience and seeking alternative paths.

Despite the setback, Sun Wukong’s adventures have only just begun. He has tasted the power of defiance and the consequences of his impulsive actions.

With Lin by his side, he continues his quest, transformed from a self-centered monkey into a hero in the making, poised to face even greater challenges and embrace his extraordinary destiny.

Additional Info

Year: 2023

Director: Anthony Stacchi

Writers: Steve Bencich, Ron J. Friedman, Rita Hsiao

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure

Runtime: 97 minutes

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