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The Plot

In the near-future world of Code 8, a mere 4% of the population possesses extraordinary abilities, earning them the label “Specials.”

But for Connor Reed (Robbie Amell), these abilities are a burden rather than a blessing.

He lives in poverty, struggling to care for his ailing mother, Mary (Kari Matchett), whose cryokinetic powers are failing her.

Medical treatments are out of reach, leaving Connor desperate to find a way to pay the exorbitant costs.

His options are limited. As a registered special, Connor is restricted to low-paying and dangerous day labor alongside others like him.

They face constant discrimination and exploitation, fueling resentment towards society and the authorities, symbolized by the heavily-armed police force wielding drone-controlled robots called Guardians.

Driven by his dire circumstances, Connor is drawn into the criminal underworld. He forms a reluctant alliance with Garrett (Stephen Amell), his estranged brother, who works for a powerful drug lord named Pablo (Greg Bryk).

This syndicate thrives by distributing Psyke, a highly addictive drug derived from the spinal fluid of captured and exploited Specials.

Connor’s initial low-level tasks quickly escalate as he proves his worth.

He utilizes his unique electrokinetic ability, which allows him to control and manipulate electricity, to aid in daring heists and robberies.

Despite the financial security the criminal world offers, Connor grapples with the moral implications of his actions.

He witnesses the devastating effects of Psyke firsthand and sees the desperation of its users, many of whom are ostracized Specials like himself.

Meanwhile, tensions between the authorities and the special community continue to rise.

The police force, equipped with advanced technology and facial recognition software, relentlessly cracks down on special-related crime, further fueling the sense of persecution.

Public opinion remains divided, with a growing movement advocating for a citywide ban on the use of all special abilities.

As Connor delves deeper into the criminal world, the lines between right and wrong begin to blur.

His loyalty is tested when faced with impossible choices.

He must decide where his allegiances lie: with his family and the desperate Special Community yearning for acceptance, or with the lucrative, yet morally questionable, world that offers him a chance at survival.

With each daring heist and escalating conflict, Connor comes closer to securing the funds needed for his mother’s treatment.

However, the price of survival in this divided world may be his own humanity and the future of the entire special community.

Additional Info

Year: 2019

Director: Steff Chan

Writer: Chris Pare, Steff Chan

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Runtime: 98 minutes

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