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Sleeping Dogs Synopsis / Plot

Roy Freeman, a retired homicide detective with a fading grip on reality, shuffles through the sterile halls of a memory care facility.

Alzheimer’s disease slowly chips away at his once-sharp mind, leaving him adrift in a sea of fragmented memories.

Yet, a flicker of his former life ignites when a mysterious woman named Elena approaches him with a case that throws his world into disarray.

Ten years ago, a renowned college professor, Dr. Joseph Wieder, was found brutally murdered in his office. The case, etched in the annals of the city’s unsolved crimes, becomes a morbid touchstone for Roy’s failing memory.

Elena, seemingly connected to the victim, pleads with Roy to help clear the name of a man sentenced to death for the crime, Isaac Samuel.

Roy, haunted by the ghosts of his past career, is initially reluctant. His partner, Jimmy Remis, a gruff, old-school cop, warns him to leave the case buried.

Jimmy even told him, “Sometimes, sleeping dogs lie,” but Roy, spurred by a nagging sense of responsibility and a flicker of defiance against his deteriorating mind, delves back into the investigation.

As Roy retraces the steps of the decade-old case, he struggles to decipher dusty files and interview witnesses whose memories have dimmed with time.

The frustration of his cognitive decline is palpable, a constant reminder of the battle he’s fighting within.

The deeper Roy digs, the more unsettling the truth becomes. The murder of Dr. Wieder appears to be tangled in a web of academic rivalries, hidden agendas, and a potential corporate cover-up.

Roy uncovers connections between the victim and a powerful pharmaceutical company researching a revolutionary new drug.

Was Dr. Wieder on the verge of exposing a dangerous secret that got him silenced?

Meanwhile, Roy’s investigation stirs up unwanted attention. Someone, with a vested interest in keeping the past buried, tries to intimidate him.

Elena, the enigmatic catalyst for this re-investigation, disappears, leaving Roy with more questions than answers.

With the help of his estranged daughter, Sarah, a tenacious journalist, Roy pushes forward.

Sarah, initially skeptical of her father’s mental state, is gradually drawn into the case.

Together, they form an unlikely alliance, their determination fueled by a desire for justice and a flicker of hope for Roy’s fading memories.

As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Roy uncovers a shocking truth. The person responsible for Dr. Wieder’s murder is not who anyone expected.

The revelation forces Roy to confront his own past mistakes and hidden demons—a personal connection to the case that he’d long suppressed.

Additional Info

Year: 2024

Director: Adam Cooper

Writers: Adam Cooper, Bill Collage, E.O. Chirovici

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Country: Australia, United States

Language: English

Runtime: 93 minutes

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