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The Plot

In the ever-competitive world of online streaming, five content creators, each with their own unique style and following, find themselves drawn together by a singular, unsettling mystery.

It all starts with a viral video live-streamed by one of the content creators, known as BJ, in a desolate and abandoned building.

During his live broadcast, BJ vanishes without a trace, leaving behind only a chilling and unexplained experience.

Intrigued by the bizarre video and the potential for online fame, Mo-mo, Joon, Ta-koo, Jae-min, and Da-seul, our group of streamers, decide to embark on their own investigation.

They gather at the very same building, each armed with their cameras and their thirst for content. Their goal is to uncover the truth behind BJ’s disappearance and potentially create a viral sensation of their own.

As they delve deeper into the building’s labyrinthine corridors and decaying rooms, the initial thrill of exploration quickly gives way to an unsettling atmosphere.

The oppressive silence is punctuated by creaking floorboards and flickering shadows, creating a sense of unease that creeps into both the streamers and their viewers.

Each streamer approaches their live broadcast with their own personality and style.

Mo-mo, the fearless leader, seeks to expose the truth. Joon, the skeptic, approaches the situation with a critical eye. Ta-koo, the comedian, attempts to lighten the mood with his humor, which often falls flat in the face of the mounting tension.

Jae-min [the sensitive one] becomes increasingly affected by the building’s oppressive atmosphere. And Da-seul, the newcomer, struggles to maintain her composure as the situation unfolds.

As they explore the building, the streamers encounter strange occurrences, blurring the line between reality and their online personas.

A chilling discovery throws their investigation into disarray and forces them to question their own sanity. The line between the performance for their viewers and the genuine terror they experience becomes increasingly blurred.

The film cleverly utilizes the format of live streaming, incorporating real-time audience reactions and comments into the narrative.

This creates a sense of immediacy and allows viewers to experience the investigation alongside the streamers, amplifying the suspense and fear.

Additional Info

Year: 2023

Director: Hyung-Mo Jang

Writers: Hyung-Mo Jang

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Runtime: 89 minutes

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