Starz, Founder(s) and Their Top 10 Best Shows

There is no way to ignore STARZ when it comes to entertainment and bold, captivating storytelling embedded in original series and blockbuster movies.

This cable and satellite company stands out among its peers with its unique and addictive original movies and television shows that enjoy strong followership from people all over the globe.

At first, it seems hard to even believe that I can gather all the courage in this world to write this article because words are not enough to express who they are and what their top shows are. But despite that, I will try my very best to make your reading time worth it.

Here we go:


STARZ began its journey exactly 30 years ago in the United States in 1994 as a premium cable and satellite network. It operates six linear multiplex channels that run 24 hours a day.

Today, it offers its content not just through traditional channels alone but also through its own streaming platform, the STARZ app, accessible on various devices.

This allows viewers to enjoy their favorite shows and movies anytime and anywhere.

Its shows and movies are sold directly to streaming consumers on both its traditional channels and streaming platform, including other platforms like Apple TV, Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel, and ClaroTV+.

Furthermore, Lionsgate, a leading entertainment company established in 1997, is the owner of Starz, and at the same time, it is the flagship property of a parent subsidiary, Starz Inc.

Lionsgate acquired STARZ in 2016 for $4.4 billion, solidifying its presence in the premium cable and streaming market.

This acquisition not only expanded Lionsgate’s reach but also diversified their content offerings, providing viewers with a wider range of entertainment options.

Who Founded Starz

In 1994, STARZ emerged as a joint venture between two media giants: Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI) and Liberty Media.

The driving force behind this venture wasn’t a single individual but a team of entrepreneurs: Danny Bates, John Sie, Saleem Bhatti, and Z Sheikh.

Even though the whole founding credit goes to John Sie, a Chinese-American businessman, their team vision laid the foundation for what STARZ has become today.

Top 10 Best Starz Shows

Now we are going to dive into the top 10 best [and, of course, all-time] shows on Starz.

To help you decide what to watch next on this list, we will also provide you with the plot of each show.

Here we go again

10. Outlander (2014-present)

Outlander is a historical drama following a 20th-century nurse who travels back in time to 18th-century Scotland and finds herself caught between two worlds and two loves.

Status: Ongoing

Creator: Ronald D. Moore

Starring: Caitríona Balfe, Sam Heughan, and Sophie Skelton

Seasons: 7

Episodes: 83

Outlander Plot

In the beginning of Outlander, we meet Claire Randall, a former World War II combat nurse, honeymooning with her husband Frank in Scotland in 1945.

Their idyllic getaway takes a dramatic turn when Claire touches a mysterious standing stone circle and is inexplicably hurled back in time to 1743.

Thrusting into a harsh, unfamiliar world, Claire is immediately captured by a group of Highland warriors, the rugged and fiercely loyal Clan MacKenzie.

Facing a brutal reality far removed from her 20th-century life, Claire finds herself forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a young Highland warrior, to secure her safety.

As Claire adapts to life amongst the clan, a passionate bond ignites between her and Jamie.

Torn between her love for Jamie and her longing to return to her own time and husband, Claire becomes entangled in the tumultuous Jacobite Rising, a rebellion against British rule.

Utilizing her medical knowledge from the future, Claire earns a place within the clan, navigating the complexities of 18th-century Scottish society and the brewing conflict.

The show delves into the raw emotions of Claire’s internal struggle: torn between two loves, two lives, and two realities.

Her attempts to find a way back to Frank are riddled with danger and heartbreak, forcing her to choose between her past and an uncertain future with Jamie.

The narrative beautifully intertwines the historical backdrop of the Jacobite rebellion with a captivating love story.

We witness the brutal realities of war, the unwavering loyalty of the Scottish clans, and the intricate social and political landscape of the era.

As the rebellion reaches its climax at the Battle of Culloden, Claire faces agonizing choices that will forever alter her and Jamie’s lives.

Following the devastating events of Culloden, the series explores Claire’s forced return to 1948, where she attempts to rebuild her life with Frank.

Haunted by the memories of Jamie and their life together, Claire grapples with the emotional and psychological complexities of her time travel experience.

Outlander doesn’t shy away from depicting the stark contrast between Claire’s two realities. The show delves into themes of cultural clashes, societal expectations, and the enduring power of love across time and circumstance.

As the narrative progresses, Claire finds ways to maintain a connection with Jamie through research and historical records.

Eventually, she discovers a way to travel back to the 18th century, reuniting with Jamie decades after their separation.

However, their reunion is far from a fairytale. Both characters have been irrevocably shaped by their experiences, and their past traumas cast a long shadow on their present.

The subsequent seasons portray Claire and Jamie navigating the challenges of building a life together amidst political turmoil, societal pressures, and personal struggles.

They face new threats, raise their children, and forge a life for themselves, forever bound by their extraordinary love story that transcends time itself.

9. Power (2014-2020)

Power is a crime drama exploring the complex world of James “Ghost” St. Patrick, a nightclub owner leading a double life as a drug kingpin.

Status: Completed

Creator: Courtney A. Kemp

Starring: Omari Hardwick, Lela Loren, and Naturi Naughton

Seasons: 6

Episodes: 63

Power Plot

In the heart of New York City’s vibrant nightlife scene, James “Ghost” St. Patrick appears to have it all.

He owns and operates Truth, a lavish nightclub frequented by the city’s elite.

With his beautiful wife Tasha by his side and their three children, Ghost portrays the image of a successful businessman leading an enviable life.

However, beneath the surface lies a dark secret: Ghost is also “Ghost,” a ruthless drug kingpin who controls a vast network operating in the city’s underbelly.

The series delves into the complexities of Ghost’s double life, constantly teetering on the edge of exposure. He longs to escape the criminal world and fully embrace his legitimate business ventures.

Yet the allure of power, the danger of his rivals, and the loyalty he feels towards his childhood friend and partner-in-crime, Tommy Egan, keep him tethered to the world he desperately wants to leave.

Tasha, aware of Ghost’s dual identity, grapples with the moral implications and the constant fear of losing her husband and their family’s comfortable lifestyle.

Their children, oblivious to their father’s true nature, add another layer of complexity.

Ghost navigates a dangerous web of deceit, balancing his family life with the demands of his criminal enterprise.

Adding to the tension is Angela Valdes, a driven assistant United States Attorney who unknowingly falls for Ghost.

Their budding relationship becomes a ticking time bomb as Angela dedicates her career to dismantling the very organization Ghost leads.

As their paths continue to intersect, the potential for disaster looms large.

Ghost’s past also catches up with him in the form of Kanan Stark, a former mentor turned nemesis.

Kanan, released from prison after a lengthy sentence, seeks revenge and aims to reclaim his rightful place in the drug trade.

Ghost is forced to confront the consequences of his past actions, further complicating his already precarious situation.

Power is a captivating drama that explores themes of ambition, betrayal, and the allure of power.

It delves into the moral ambiguity of characters forced to make difficult choices, blurring the lines between good and evil.

The show’s fast-paced plot, compelling characters, and exploration of the stark contrast between New York’s glittering elite and its hidden criminal underworld have garnered it a loyal fan base.

8. Black Sails (2014-2017)

Black Sails is a historical adventure drama delving into the Golden Age of Piracy, focusing on Captain Flint and his crew as they navigate the treacherous waters of the Caribbean.

Status: Completed

Creators: Robert Levine, Jonathan E. Steinberg

Starring: Jessica Parker Kennedy, Toby Stephens, and Hannah New

Seasons: 4

Episodes: 38

Black Sails Plot

In the scorching heat of the Caribbean sun, amidst the Golden Age of Piracy, unfurls the tale of Black Sails, a thrilling prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s timeless novel, “Treasure Island.”

The year is 1715, and the pirate haven of New Providence Island simmers with a volatile mix of ambition, greed, and the fight for survival.

Captain Flint, a ruthless and cunning leader, commands the ship “The Walrus” with an iron fist.

Haunted by a dark past and driven by an insatiable thirst for wealth and power, Flint embarks on a perilous quest for the legendary Spanish treasure galleon, “Urca de Lima.”

His trusted first mate, Billy Bones, a seasoned sailor with a pragmatic streak, serves as his right-hand man, navigating the treacherous waters both literally and figuratively.

Enter John Silver, a young and ambitious man with a mysterious past. Shipwrecked and desperate, he finds himself on Flint’s ship, quickly proving his resourcefulness and earning the captain’s respect.

Silver becomes entangled in the web of Flint’s schemes, serving as a cook and confidante, all while harboring his own hidden agenda.

The island itself is a hotbed of political intrigue. Eleanor Guthrie, the shrewd and ambitious daughter of a local smuggling kingpin, plays a pivotal role.

She navigates the power dynamics between pirates, the British Empire, and the Spanish authorities, aiming to secure her own position in this lawless world.

Her relationship with Flint is complex and fraught with tension, as they forge an alliance of convenience while harboring underlying distrust.

Meanwhile, Captain Charles Vane, a rival pirate leader with a fiery temper and a penchant for violence, clashes with Flint for control of the island and its resources.

Their rivalry fuels a chain reaction of betrayals, battles, and bloodshed, painting a vivid picture of the brutal realities of pirate life.

As the pursuit of Urca de Lima unfolds, the series delves into the complexities of human nature.

It explores themes of loyalty, betrayal, power, and the pursuit of freedom. The characters, both heroes and villains, are far from one-dimensional.

They are driven by their own desires, fears, and moral codes, creating a world that is both thrilling and morally ambiguous.

Black Sails is not just a tale of swashbuckling and buried treasure. It dissects the intricate web of political and economic forces that fueled the Golden Age of Piracy.

It depicts the pirates not as romanticized heroes but rather as complex individuals struggling to survive in a world where the lines between good and evil are often blurred.

The series boasts stunning visuals, transporting viewers to the sun-drenched Caribbean with its lush landscapes and meticulously crafted pirate ships.

The action sequences are visceral and engaging, showcasing the brutal realities of naval warfare and hand-to-hand combat.

7. Vida (2018-2020)

Vida is a drama following two estranged Mexican-American sisters who reunite after their mother’s death and discover a hidden world of secrets and desires in their gentrifying Los Angeles neighborhood.

Status: Completed

Creator: Tanya Saracho

Starring: Melissa Barrera, Mishel Prada, and Ser Anzoategui

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 22

Vida Plot

In the heart of Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, life takes an unexpected turn for estranged sisters Emma and Lyn.

Following the sudden passing of their mother, Vida, they are forced to return to their childhood neighborhood, a place they haven’t called home for years.

The sisters, as different as night and day, are thrown together under unforeseen circumstances.

Emma, the responsible elder sister, has built a successful career in Chicago, leaving behind the complexities of her past and embracing a life of stability.

Lyn, the free-spirited younger sibling, has remained in Los Angeles, navigating the vibrant, yet often challenging, world of the Eastside.

Their return reignites old wounds and forces them to confront the memories they once buried.

As they sift through their mother’s belongings, a shocking truth unfolds. They discover a secret bar named “Vida” tucked away amongst their mother’s possessions.

This revelation throws their understanding of their mother and their family history into disarray. They learn that Vida was not just a name but the heart and soul of a local bar, a vibrant hub for the Latino community, and a hidden chapter in their mother’s life.

Torn between their personal ambitions and their newfound connection to their mother’s legacy, Emma and Lyn grapple with a difficult decision.

Should they sell the bar, letting go of a past that holds conflicting emotions, or should they embark on a journey to revitalize their mother’s creation?

Their decision leads them down a path of self-discovery and reconciliation. As they work towards keeping the bar afloat, they navigate the complexities of their relationship with each other, their childhood community, and their emerging understanding of their mother’s secret life.

Their journey is not without its challenges. The gentrification of the neighborhood threatens the very existence of the bar, forcing them to confront the changing landscape of their community.

They face opposition from developers seeking to exploit the area and grapple with the ethical dilemmas of preserving their heritage amidst evolving demographics.

Through their struggles, Emma and Lyn find strength in each other and their community. They forge new connections with the diverse array of characters who frequent the bar, including Mari, their childhood friend and the bar’s bartender, and Eddy, a loyal patron mourning the loss of Vida.

The series delves into themes of family, identity, and the struggle to define oneself amidst societal pressures and cultural expectations. It explores the complexities of gentrification and its impact on historically marginalized communities.

Through its portrayal of vibrant characters and its exploration of complex issues, Vida offers a nuanced and authentic perspective on the Latino experience in contemporary America.

6. Gaslit (2022-present)

Gaslit is a historical drama based on the true story of Martha Mitchell, wife of U.S. Attorney General John N. Mitchell, who publicly exposed the truth about Watergate during the Nixon administration.

Status: Ongoing

Creator: Robbie Pickering

Starring: Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, and Dan Stevens

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 8

Gaslit Plot

Set amidst the tumultuous political landscape of the 1970s Watergate scandal, Gaslit delves into the untold story of Martha Mitchell, the wife of former U.S. Attorney General John N. Mitchell.

The series throws light on Martha’s unwavering determination and fierce loyalty in the face of personal and political turmoil.

Martha, portrayed by the captivating Julia Roberts, is a force to be reckoned with. Outspoken and independent, she is a socialite and a vocal advocate for her beliefs.

Her world crumbles when her husband, John Mitchell (Sean Penn), becomes embroiled in the Watergate cover-up.

As John ascends the political ladder, Martha’s outspoken nature becomes a liability for the Nixon administration. Fearing her potential to expose the truth, the administration attempts to silence her through public gaslighting and forced confinement.

The series further aptly captures the essence of the psychological manipulation Martha endures. The term “gaslighting” refers to a form of emotional abuse where the victim is made to question their own sanity and reality.

Through a calculated campaign of lies, denials, and public discrediting, John and his associates attempt to portray Martha as unstable and delusional.

They restrict her movements, control her access to information, and even attempt to medicate her into submission.

But despite the relentless pressure and isolation, Martha refuses to be silenced. Drawing strength from her convictions and unwavering spirit, she fights back against the forces attempting to control her narrative.

She reaches out to journalists and exposes the truth about her confinement and the administration’s attempts to silence her.

The series also transcends the personal narrative of Martha Mitchell, offering a glimpse into the broader political landscape of the Watergate scandal.

It explores the motivations and actions of key figures involved in the Watergate saga, including President Nixon, his advisors, and journalists who relentlessly pursued the truth.

Gaslit is more than just a historical drama; it is a testament to the power of resilience and the fight for truth in the face of adversity.

It sheds light on a significant, yet often overlooked, chapter in American political history while simultaneously celebrating the unwavering spirit of a woman who refused to be silenced.

5. P-Valley (2020-present)

P-Vallet is a drama set in Mississippi’s Delta region, exploring the lives of the dancers, bouncers, and patrons of a strip club called The Pynk.

Status: Ongoing

Creator: Katori Hall

Nicco Annan, Shannon Thornton, and J. Alphonse Nicholson

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 18

P-Valley Plot

Set amidst the neon lights and pulsating rhythms of Mississippi’s Dirty Delta, P-Valley dives into the lives and struggles of the dancers, bouncers, and patrons of a strip club called The Pynk.

The narrative unfolds through the eyes of Mercedes “Miss Mississippi” Woodson, a veteran dancer yearning to reclaim her agency and navigate the complexities of the club’s ecosystem.

Mercedes, with her captivating stage presence and undeniable talent, is the club’s star attraction. However, her journey is far from glamorous.

She faces the harsh realities of the profession, including financial constraints, the constant pressure to maintain her appearance, and the emotional toll of navigating the often exploitative world of sex work.

Beyond the stage lights, P-Valley delves into the personal stories of the diverse characters who gravitate towards The Pynk.

There’s Uncle Clifford, the club’s shrewd and enigmatic owner, who balances maintaining a safe haven for his girls with the ruthless realities of running a profitable business.

He serves as a paternal figure to the dancers, offering guidance and protection but also wielding control and enforcing strict rules.

Diamond (Hailey Jackson), a young and ambitious dancer, embodies the hopes and dreams of many who arrive at The Pynk seeking a better life.

Diamond’s journey is fraught with challenges as she grapples with the harsh realities of the club’s environment, navigates the competitive world of dance, and confronts her own vulnerabilities.

The series doesn’t shy away from portraying the harsh realities of life in the Delta.

Poverty, addiction, and violence are woven into the narrative, highlighting the struggles faced by the community beyond the confines of The Pynk.

Each character, from the dancers and bouncers to the patrons and local residents, carries their own burdens and dreams, adding depth and complexity to the story.

P-Valley is not simply a tale of strippers and strip clubs. It’s a poignant exploration of human resilience, ambition, and the pursuit of dreams in the face of adversity.

It delves into themes of female empowerment, chosen families, and the complex dynamics of power and exploitation within the sex work industry.

4. American Gods (2017-2021)

American Gods is a fantasy drama based on Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name, exploring the conflict between the old gods of mythology and the new gods of technology in contemporary America.

Status: Completed

Creator: Bryan Fuller, Michael Green

Starring: Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, and Yetide Badaki

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 26

American Gods Plot

In the heartland of America, where highways stretch endlessly and diners serve steaming cups of coffee, an ex-convict named Shadow Moon finds himself on the precipice of a world-altering adventure.

Freshly released from prison, Shadow is reeling from the sudden death of his wife, Laura. Grief hangs heavy in the air, casting a long shadow over his already uncertain future.

Fate, however, has other plans. On his way home, Shadow encounters the enigmatic Mr. Wednesday, a charismatic trickster with a twinkle in his eye and secrets buried deep within.

Wednesday, it turns out, is not who he seems. He is an embodiment of Odin, the all-seeing and powerful Norse god, disguised in human form.

Shadow soon discovers that the world is a battleground where ancient myths collide with modern realities.

The Old Gods, worshipped for millennia, are losing their grip on humanity’s waning faith.

In their place, the New Gods, fueled by technology, media, and the relentless pursuit of self-gratification, are rising in power.

Wednesday, sensing the impending clash, embarks on a cross-country road trip, gathering the scattered remnants of the Old Gods.

From the seductive Bilquis, goddess of love, to the enigmatic Mad Sweeney, the leprechaun king clinging to the echoes of his lost glory, each deity grapples with their fading relevance and the challenges of adapting to a rapidly changing world.

Shadow, initially hesitant and bewildered, finds himself drawn deeper into Wednesday’s web. He becomes not just a witness but a reluctant participant in their quest.

He witnesses the gods engage in epic showdowns, their clash echoing across the American landscape. They visit quirky roadside attractions, engage in high-stakes games of checkers with Slavic deities, and attend lavish gatherings where the lines between human and divine blur.

Throughout his journey, Shadow grapples with his own identity and purpose. He confronts the ghosts of his past and the complexities of his relationship with the enigmatic Laura, who, it turns out, also holds secrets beyond the veil.

As the lines between reality and myth become increasingly blurred, Shadow must choose where he stands in this brewing war.

Will he side with the Old Gods, clinging to their fading traditions, or embrace the ever-evolving power of the New Gods? Watch the show to get the answer.

3. Ash vs Evil Dead (2015-2018)

Ash vs. Evil Dead is a horror-comedy following Ash Williams, thirty years after the original Evil Dead films, as he faces his demons once again.

Status: Completed

Creator: Ivan Raimi, Sam Raimi, and Tom Spezialy

Starring: Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago, and Dana DeLorenzo

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 30

Ash vs Evil Dead Plot

Thirty years after battling the forces of darkness and barely escaping medieval times, Ash Williams finds himself living a mundane life as a stock boy at the “Value Stop” in Jacksonville, Florida.

He drowns his past in cheap beer and avoids responsibility like the plague—literally. But Ash’s hope for a peaceful retirement is shattered when he inadvertently awakens the ancient evil once more.

The catalyst for chaos arrives in the form of a possessed co-worker at the value stop.

Ash, reluctantly, springs back into action, wielding his iconic chainsaw hand and boomstick shotgun against the reanimated corpse.

This encounter reignites Ash’s connection with his past, forcing him to confront the horrors he desperately tried to forget.

Joining Ash in this unexpected adventure are Pablo Bolivar, a loyal but slightly naive teenager who idolizes the reluctant hero, and Kelly Maxwell, Ash’s once-possessed former neighbor and now a sarcastic, shotgun-wielding badass.

Together, this unlikely trio embarks on a road trip across America, battling Deadites—demonically possessed individuals—and searching for a way to permanently send the evil back to where it came from.

Their journey is far from smooth. Along the way, they encounter the enigmatic Ruby, a powerful warrior with a mysterious agenda.

Though she claims to be on Ash’s side, her motives remain shrouded in secrecy, adding another layer of complexity to the situation.

As they delve deeper into the heart of darkness, Ash grapples with the weight of his past, his inner demons, and the responsibility that comes with being the last hope against relentless evil.

Meanwhile, Ruby pursues her own goals, seeking the infamous Necronomicon Ex Mortis, the Book of the Dead.

This ancient tome holds the key to wielding the power of evil, and both Ash and Ruby are determined to control it for their own purposes.

Ash wants to destroy the book because he wants to end the bloodshed and protect innocent lives. Ruby, driven by a thirst for power and a complex past, seeks to use it to her advantage.

This series unfolds in a thrilling blend of action, horror, and dark humor. Each episode throws new challenges at our protagonists, with Ash unleashing his signature wit and brutality as he faces increasingly grotesque and powerful Deadites.

The show also delves into the emotional journeys of the characters, exploring their individual struggles and how they cope with the constant threat of demonic possession and impending doom.

As Ash and his companions face increasingly formidable adversaries, alliances shift and betrayals unfold.

The fate of humanity hangs in the balance, and only Ash, with his chainsaw hand, dubious morals, and unwavering determination, stands between them and complete annihilation by the forces of evil.

2. Spartacus (2010-2013)

Spartacus is a historical drama chronicling the life of Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who led a slave uprising against the Roman Republic.

Status: Completed

Creator: Steven S. DeKnight

Starring: Andy Whitfield, Lucy Lawless, and Manu Bennett

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 39

Spartacus Plot

In the brutal world of the Roman Republic, Spartacus, a skilled Thracian warrior, finds himself on a path of vengeance and rebellion.

This series chronicles his journey from a loyal ally of Rome to a defiant leader fighting for freedom.

Spartacus’ story begins as a betrayal.

He fights alongside the Roman army against a rival tribe, but he and his comrades end up abandoned by the Romans, leaving their village vulnerable to attack.

Enraged by the deception,

The deception enrages him and forces him to lead a mutiny, but he is ultimately captured and condemned to become a gladiator.

He was then stripped of his identity and forced to fight for his life in the blood-soaked arenas of Capua.

Within the gladiatorial school run by the ruthless Batiatus, Spartacus endures harsh training, brutality, and the constant death threat.

However, his exceptional combat skills and unwavering spirit earn him respect from his fellow gladiators, most notably the Celt warrior Crixus.

A pivotal moment arrives when Spartacus leads a daring escape from the ludus (gladiator school).

He rallies other enslaved gladiators, fueled by a desire for freedom and a burning hatred for the Roman oppression they have endured.

This act of defiance sparks a rebellion that gathers momentum as more and more slaves join their ranks.

As Spartacus’ army grows, they strike fear into the heart of the Roman Republic. They inflict heavy losses on Roman forces, highlighting the vulnerability of the empire and the cracks within its seemingly invincible structure.

The series delves not only into the epic battles and strategic maneuvers of the rebellion but also explores the human cost of war and the complex internal struggles within the rebel camp.

Spartacus grapples with the weight of leadership, facing difficult decisions, and the burden of responsibility for the lives of those who follow him.

He confronts not just external enemies but also internal challenges, including power struggles, conflicting ideologies, and the ever-present threat of betrayal.

Spartacus is haunted throughout the series by the desire for vengeance against Gaius Claudius Glaber, the Roman general who condemned his wife to slavery and eventual death.

This personal quest for retribution constantly clashes with his responsibility towards the larger cause of liberation.

As the rebellion intensifies, the Romans dispatch increasingly powerful forces to crush the uprising.

The forces were led by ruthless commanders like Claudius Glaber and Crassus. The Romans employed brutal tactics and superior resources to try and quell the rebellion.

This series depicts the rebels’ struggles against overwhelming odds. They face internal divisions and dwindling resources, pushing them to the brink of defeat.

The series culminates in a dramatic and emotionally charged conclusion, showcasing the ultimate fate of Spartacus and the legacy of his rebellion.

1. Da Vinci’s Demons (2013-2015)

Da Vinci’s Demons is a historical fantasy drama depicting a fictionalized account of Leonardo da Vinci’s early life, focusing on his inventions, artistic pursuits, and encounters with historical figures.

Status: Completed

Creator: David S. Goyer

Starring: Tom Riley, Gregg Chilingirian, and Eros Vlahos

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 28

Da Vinci’s Demons Plot

The series opens in 1476, introducing a young Leonardo, already renowned for his artistic talents and insatiable curiosity.

He is apprenticed to the renowned Verrocchio, a sculptor and painter, where he hones his artistic skills while nurturing his fascination with science, anatomy, and engineering.

Leonardo’s brilliance and unconventional thinking often clash with the established norms, placing him at odds with his peers and the church.

A recurring motif throughout the series is the search for the mythical “Book of Leaves,” rumored to hold the secrets of the universe.

Leonardo becomes entangled in this pursuit, driven by his thirst for knowledge and the potential to unlock groundbreaking discoveries.

His quest leads him to navigate the treacherous political landscape of Renaissance Florence, riddled with conspiracies and power struggles between the Medici family and the Papacy.

Leonardo’s path is further entangled by his relationships with various characters. He forms a close bond with Clarice Orsini, a strong-willed woman who challenges his perspective and becomes his confidante.

His pursuit of the Book of Leaves also brings him into the orbit of Vanessa, a mysterious woman with hidden agendas and connections to the Templar Knights, a persecuted secret society.

The series explores the legend of the Templars, a disbanded order of knights rumored to possess powerful secrets and wealth.

Leonardo, along with his friend and fellow inventor Zoroaster, uncovers evidence suggesting the Templars may still be active and are intricately linked to the Book of Leaves.

This revelation throws them into the heart of a dangerous conspiracy, forcing them to confront powerful forces who seek to control the knowledge it holds.

Throughout his journey, Leonardo’s genius manifests in his groundbreaking inventions, many of which are based on his scientific observations and studies.

He sketches flying machines, prototypes submarines, and designs innovative weapons, all while grappling with the ethical implications of his creations.

The series delves into the internal conflicts Leonardo faces as he reconciles his artistic pursuits with his scientific endeavors, questioning the true purpose of his genius.

As the series progresses, Leonardo’s discoveries and inventions not only challenge the established order but also pave the way for future scientific advancements.

He faces persecution from the church for his unorthodox views and encounters betrayal from those he trusted.

Despite the challenges, Leonardo remains unwavering in his pursuit of knowledge and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of human understanding.

Where to Watch Them

All the aforementioned and recommended shows can be streamed via the Starz App, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel, ClaroTV+, or Netflix for those outside the US.

Just don’t forget this: all STARZ shows and movies require subscriptions, just like any others.


This list is not exhaustive, and other great shows are available on Starz. It’s recommended to explore their library to discover shows that suit your interests if the ones mentioned above don’t suit them.

We have come to a conclusion as of now. But with time, more additions and modifications will be made as Stars continues to create more original and great shows.

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