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The Dirty South Synopsis

Sue Parker, a bartender with grit and a heart of gold, finds herself in a heartbreaking fight.

The bar, a cornerstone of her family for generations, hangs by a thread.

Her feckless father, Gary, has gambled away their savings, leaving them deeply in debt to Jeb Roy, a ruthless tycoon with a score to settle.

Jeb, fueled by an old grudge against Sue’s mother, Gina, threatens to snatch the bar at auction.

Desperate to save their legacy and their home, Sue is forced to take extreme measures.

When a charming drifter named Dion wanders into town, Sue sees a glimmer of hope.

Dion’s roguish charisma and knack for getting into trouble make him a risky proposition, but Sue feels she has no other choice.

She convinces Dion to use his skills to help them raise the money they owe.

What begins as a simple plan for a quick heist quickly spirals out of control. The deeper Sue delves into this world of crime, the more she uncovers about Dion’s shady past.

The lines between right and wrong blur as they resort to ever more dangerous tactics.

Meanwhile, Jeb Roy, a man who gets what he wants, relentlessly pursues them, leaving a trail of threats and intimidation.

Sue’s loyalty to her family and her unwavering determination to save the bar are put to the ultimate test.

As the stakes rise and danger mounts, Sue must confront the consequences of her actions. t

Additional Info

Year: 2023

Director: Matthew Yerby

Writer: Matthew Yerby

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Country: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 107 minutes

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