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Sunrise Synopsis

In the shadows of a small, Pacific Northwest town, fear simmers.

The Lee family, the only Asian-American residents, are targeted by a ruthless local strongman, Sheriff Reynolds (Guy Pearce).

He thrives on intimidation and bigotry, making life difficult for the Lees, particularly their teenage son Edward, who faces constant bullying.

Fallon (Alex Pettyfer) is a mysterious drifter who was found unconscious in Lee’s barn.

Exhausted and shrouded in secrecy, Fallon soon reveals a dark truth: he’s a vampire, cursed by a powerful entity lurking in the nearby wilderness.

Haunted by a tragic past that involved the loss of his African-American wife, Fallon finds himself inexplicably drawn to protecting the Lee family.

As the townsfolk become increasingly suspicious of Fallon’s nocturnal activities, a fragile bond forms between him and the Lees.

Yan, Edward’s mother, grapples with the danger Fallon presents while appreciating the protection he offers against Reynolds’ cruelty.

Edward, yearning for a friend and protector, finds solace in Fallon’s brooding presence.

Fallon, fueled by a desire for vengeance against Reynolds and a newfound empathy for the Lees, embarks on a bloody path.

He targets those who torment the family, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

The line between monster and protector blurs as the townsfolk scramble to understand the source of the killings.

Meanwhile, Reynolds, fueled by his own brand of fearmongering, exploits the situation to tighten his grip on the town.

He paints Fallon as a monstrous threat, cleverly manipulating the townspeople’s anxieties.

Yan, torn between loyalty and fear, is forced to confront a terrible truth: the only way to save her family might involve stopping Fallon, even if it means allying with the very man who threatens them.

Additional Info

Year: 2023

Director: Andrew Baird

Writer: Ronan Blaney

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Countries: United States, United Kingdom

Language: English

Runtime: 93 minutes

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