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Rumble Through the Dark Synopsis

Jack Boucher is a ghost of his former self who walks the shadows of the Mississippi Delta.

He was once a celebrated underground fighter known as “The Slayer,” but his body now bears the scars of countless brutal brawls.

Haunted by a troubled past, Jack fights not for glory but to save the only home he’s ever known—the ramshackle house of his ailing foster mother, Mary Anne.

Years ago, Mary Anne gave Jack a chance at a life he never thought possible. Now, with her health failing, Jack finds himself drowning in debt to a ruthless loan shark, Big Momma Sweet.

He borrowed the money to cover Mary Anne’s medical bills, but the exorbitant interest has spiraled out of control.

Desperate to keep a roof over Mary Anne’s head, Jack is forced back into the brutal world of bare-knuckle fighting.

Each fight is an agonizing ordeal. Jack’s body is riddled with injuries, and his mind is clouded with the fog of painkillers.

Yet, fueled by his love for Mary Anne, he steps back into the ring, facing a parade of vicious opponents.

He believes that just one more victory, one more massive payout, will settle his debt and secure Mary Anne’s future.

But the world of underground fighting is a treacherous one. Big Momma Sweet manipulates Jack’s desperation. She rigs the odds, putting him up against opponents far stronger and younger.

Just as Jack believes he might have finally clawed his way free, a shocking revelation emerges. A young woman named Anna enters his life, claiming to be his daughter.

The truth throws Jack’s world into further disarray. Haunted by his past mistakes, he grapples with the possibility of fatherhood.

As he confronts his demons and forges a bond with Anna, Jack realizes he’s fighting for more than just Mary Anne’s home.

He’s fighting for a chance at redemption—a chance to build a family he never thought he deserved.

Additional Info

Year: 2024

Directors: Graham Phillips, Parker Phillips

Writer: Michael Farris Smith

Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller

Country: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 116 minutes

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