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Jawan Synopsis

In Hindi, the word “Jawan” means soldier. In this film, the story revolves around Azad, a seemingly ordinary jailer in a Mumbai women’s prison.

However, beneath the surface lies a man fueled by a deep desire for justice. Azad embarks on a shocking mission: hijacking a Mumbai Metro train with a group of six female inmates.

Each inmate possesses a unique skillset, from a skilled hacker to a compassionate medic. Their leader, Azad, unveils a complex motive.

The hijacking becomes a social experiment. Azad demands a hefty ransom from the government, not for himself but to alleviate the crushing debt burden on millions of Indian farmers.

He uses the media spotlight to expose the plight of these struggling individuals, some driven to suicide by the system’s failures. His actions spark public debate, blurring the lines between villain and vigilante.

As the story unfolds, the film showcases Azad’s past and the personal connection that fuels his fight.

Opposing him is the ruthless Kalee Gaikwad, a powerful arms dealer who embodies the very corruption Azad seeks to dismantle.

Adding another layer to the conflict is Narmada Rai, a tough NSG officer tasked with negotiating with the hijackers.

Narmada (Nayanthara) finds herself caught between duty and a growing sense of empathy for Azad’s cause.

Additional Info

Year: 2023

Director: Atlee

Writers: Sumit Arora, Atlee, Ramanagirivasan

Genre: Action, Thriller

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Runtime: 169minutes

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