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The 8 Show Synopsis

Eight strangers, drowning in a sea of debt and despair, find themselves presented with a seemingly impossible opportunity.

The enigmatic “Money Game” offers them a chance to win a life-altering sum of 44.8 billion won to be split equally amongst them. The catch? They must be confined within a mysterious eight-story building for 100 days.

Initially, the concept appears straightforward. Each minute they survive inside translates to a growing prize pool.

Yet, upon entering the building, the true weight of their choice settles in.

The once-grand structure is stripped bare, offering nothing but concrete walls and a chilling emptiness.

Their only companions are each other and the ever-present cameras documenting their every move.

The rules unfold one agonizing detail at a time. Every night, they retreat to separate, identical rooms on their designated floors.

Here, they face a cruel twist. All necessities, from food and water to basic hygiene products, are available for purchase—at a cost. This cost, however, is a staggering 1,000 times their normal price, deducted directly from their potential winnings.

This system sets a brutal timer ticking.

With every passing night, the potential reward dwindles as essential purchases deplete the communal pot.

The initial camaraderie amongst the group begins to fray. Alliances form and dissolve, fueled by suspicion and a desperate need for self-preservation.

One contestant, a cunning strategist named Min-seo, emerges as a leader. She proposes a radical plan: strict rationing and group purchases during the day to maximize their resources.

Others, however, harbor their own agendas. A young ex-athlete, Tae-hoon, bristles at the idea of control, while a cynical doctor, Ji-hyeong, questions the show’s true motives.

As the days bleed into weeks, the psychological toll becomes evident. Paranoia festers, fueled by cryptic messages and hidden cameras sprinkled throughout the building,.

Dark secrets from their pasts begin to surface, creating further tension. The line between cooperation and betrayal blurs as the group grapples with a horrifying truth: the producers have rigged the game.

Certain challenges, seemingly innocent at first, turn out to be elaborate tests designed to exploit their vulnerabilities.

One night, a seemingly simple memory game becomes a brutal tug-of-war, forcing them to choose between their dwindling prize money and exposing a fellow contestant’s deepest secret.

Desperate measures are taken.

Some resort to bartering, offering personal items or even future shares of the winnings in exchange for essentials.

Others become withdrawn, consumed by the ever-present threat of eviction.

The show producers, unseen puppeteers pulling the strings, manipulate their interactions with cruel efficiency, gleefully pushing the boundaries of human endurance.

In this suffocating environment, unexpected bonds blossom.

A shy bookstore owner, Han-sol, finds solace in the gruff exterior of a veteran security guard, Sang-wook.

A single mother, Eun-joo, and a struggling musician, Joon-young, forge a connection over shared anxieties about their families on the outside.

As the season progresses, the competition intensifies.

A shocking betrayal shatters the fragile trust within the group, leading to a near-violent confrontation.

The lines between reality and the game blur. The contestants question everything: their purpose, their sanity, and the true cost of this life-changing prize.

Additional Info

Year: 2024

Director: Han Jae-Rim

Writers: Bae Jin-Soo, Han Jae-Rim

Genre: Drama

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Runtime: 50+ minutes per episode

Episodes: 08

Status: Complete

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