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Geek Girl Synopsis

Harriet Manners is a delightfully awkward and neurodivergent teenager who lives a life immersed in fantasy novels and comic book heroes.

At school, she navigates the social landscape with the finesse of a baby giraffe on ice skates.

But Harriet’s life is about to change in the most unexpected way.

During a disastrous school field trip to a posh department store, Harriet meets a talent scout named Naomi.

Naomi, who has a good eye for atypical beauty, sees potential in Harriet’s unique appearance and quirky demeanor.

This unexpected encounter propels Harriet from her world of cosplay conventions to the high-stress world of high-fashion modeling.

Suddenly, Harriet finds herself thrust into a whirlwind of designer clothes, demanding agents, and impossibly high heels.

Surrounded by glamorous models and ruthless stylists, Harriet struggles to find her footing.

She clashes with the resident “mean girl,” the effortlessly beautiful model Nikita.

Nikita embodies everything Harriet isn’t: confident, polished, and effortlessly cool.

Their rivalry adds a layer of comedic tension as Harriet tries to navigate the unfamiliar territory of the fashion industry.

While the world of modeling offers a glimpse of glamour and excitement, Harriet soon discovers that it’s not all sunshine and catwalks.

The demands of the industry push Harriet to her limits.

She struggles with poor body image expectations and the continual comparison game with other models.

Through it all, Harriet finds solace in her newfound friendship with Nick, a kind and supportive fellow model.

Unlike the other models, Nick appreciates Harriet’s genuineness and her passion for fantasy literature.

Their bond becomes a source of strength for Harriet as she navigates the complexities of the modeling world.

Meanwhile, Harriet juggles her newfound career with the challenges of high school life. Balancing school work, exams, and friendships with her newfound modeling commitments proves to be a constant struggle.

Her parents, though initially concerned about the modeling world, offer their unwavering support as Harriet tries to figure out who she is and where she belongs.

Additional Info

Year: 2024

Originator: Holly Smale

Stars: Emily Carey, Jemima Rooper, Sarah Parish

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Country: United States, Canada, United Kingdom

Language: English

Runtime: 93 minutes

Episodes: 10

Status: Complete

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