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El Candidato Plot

Martin Marchand, a silver-spoon businessman, harbors political ambitions that clash with his multimillionaire father’s disdain. Undeterred, Martin embarks on a self-made campaign for diputado (congressman), determined to forge his own path.

His weapon of choice? A meticulously crafted persona, meticulously assembled by a team of image consultants and experts gathered at his sprawling countryside farm.

The film unfolds like a darkly comic satire, as we witness the consultants dissect Martin’s every move, from his choice of words to the strategic placement of a hand gesture.

Every detail, from the symbolic tree in his campaign imagery to the carefully chosen bird sound effect, is meticulously analyzed and manipulated.

The consultants wield their expertise like sculptors, molding Martin into the perfect political puppet, their focus solely on the image, not the man beneath.

But beneath the polished surface, tensions simmer. As the campaign progresses, cracks begin to appear in the carefully constructed facade.

Loyalties are questioned, hidden agendas surface, and the line between humor and drama blurs.

Martin’s goons, tasked with keeping the operation afloat, find themselves navigating a murky world of shifting alliances and questionable motives.

Despite its comedic leanings, “El Candidato” doesn’t shy away from exploring the darker side of political manipulation.

The film raises questions about the authenticity of manufactured personas and the ethical implications of sacrificing individuality for political gain.

While some threads regarding motivations and consequences remain unresolved, the film ultimately delivers a thought-provoking commentary on the political landscape, where image often reigns supreme over substance.

A Glimpse into the Absurdity:

The film’s strength lies in its ability to expose the absurdity of political image-making.

The consultants’ meticulous focus on seemingly trivial details, like the perfect bird sound, highlights the disconnect between manufactured image and genuine connection with voters.

Shifting Shades:

The film’s tonal shift from lighthearted comedy to suspenseful drama adds depth and complexity. The audience is kept guessing, unsure who to trust and what hidden agendas lurk beneath the surface.

Performances and Visuals:

The film boasts excellent performances, with Martin Marchand’s portrayal of the malleable candidate particularly noteworthy.

The cinematography, with its wide shots of the sprawling countryside juxtaposed with close-ups of the calculated manipulations, further enhances the film’s message.

Additional Info

Year: 2016

Director: Daniel Hendler

Writer: Daniel Hendler, Alberto Rojas Apel

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 80 minutes

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