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The Plot

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It is a feature film about the past traumas and buried prejudice of a proud young man, Marius, threatening to push away his loving and devoted partner, Thembi, when his racist father dies. 

Marius’s unwillingness to forgive his father for causing his mother’s suicide and his determination to not be a failure like his father push him to the max as he tries to keep a major project at work, one that’s threatened to be taken away from him to satisfy empowerment requirements. 

Added to this is Thembi’s silent struggle at having lost her own job and being assaulted by a friend, which she struggles to speak to Marius about. 

All of this results in the perfect storm for the couple, a storm that is taken advantage of by Eva, an ancient demon who preys on men’s souls through seduction and manipulation.—Thabiso Christopher

Additional Info

Year: 2023

Director: Thabiso Christopher

Writer: Thabiso Christopher

Genre: Horror, Drama, Thriller

Runtime: 94minutes

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