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One More Shot

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The Plot

The following plot of this movie can be found on IMDB. And it summarizes what this movie encompasses. On top of that, it is the user-generated storyline of the whole movie.


Following the attack on the black site in Poland, Navy SEAL Jake Harris is ordered to escort terrorist suspect Amin Mansur to Washington D.C for interrogation.

Featured IMDB Review

___Fun Popcorn Movie

Solid 7. Movie has very little dead spots. The action and plot move along at a steady clip.

The plot is one you have seen countless times. Terrorists with dirty bomb want revenge on USA. Reminds me of Die hard 2. Like that classic, almost the entire movie takes place in an airport. Was filmed in just 4 weeks.

Choreagraphy is spot on, the action scenes are almost always believable.

Was shot on a budget but used what they had very well. Acting was really good.

The plot gets convuluted towards the last act and the ending sets up a part 2.

Some modern day topics such as middle eastern terrorism wanting revenge on the USA is used but jsut keep watching. Do not want to spoil anything. Movie is not as simplistic as it sounds. It i s NOT racial profiling or typecasing.

Unlike a lot of old time action stars that are cranking out action movies while using a walker, Adkins can still manage to look good and be believable as a bad ass. – By Tony-146-695626

Additional Info

Year: 2024

Director: James Nunn

Writer: James Nunn, Jamie Russell

Genre: Action, Thriller

Runtime: 103minutes

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